Key Features


Effortless Data Extraction

Our ID Proof Extraction API automates the extraction of essential information, reducing manual data entry and improving accuracy for various languages and document types.


Versatile Document Support

With comprehensive support for a wide range of identification documents and formats, you can confidently extract data from passports, driver's licenses, national IDs, and more.


High Accuracy

Our API leverages advanced technology to ensure high accuracy in data extraction, even from complex documents with various layouts.Enhance the accuracy of text.


Security First

Data security is paramount. Our API employs encryption and security measures to protect sensitive information during extraction.


Scalable Solutions

Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, our API scales effortlessly to meet your growing data extraction demands.



Seamlessly integrate our API into your applications, websites, or services with comprehensive documentation and dedicated support.


Insurance Claim Processing

Streamline the insurance claim process by automating the extraction of policyholder information from identification documents. Accelerate claims validation and reduce manual data entry errors, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Immigration and Border Control

Expedite immigration and border control procedures by automatically extracting and verifying traveler information from passports and visas. Improve security and reduce wait times at border checkpoints.

Healthcare Registration

Simplify patient registration at healthcare facilities by extracting personal and insurance information from IDs and health insurance cards. Enhance data accuracy and reduce administrative overhead.

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Facilitate law enforcement operations by automating the extraction of data from suspects' identification documents. Streamline booking processes, improve record-keeping, and enhance compliance with legal requirements.

Educational Institutions

Enhance the enrollment process at educational institutions by extracting and verifying student and staff information from IDs, transcripts, and other documents. Improve data accuracy and accelerate admissions procedures.

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